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Generic Links App
The links app allows generic links between any models. You need to add a
setting similar to this:
To register specific models that they can be links, a module
needs to be created in your app. The registry system is comparable with how
django.contrib.admin works. Every linkable needs a certain list of attributes.
Either defined on the model itself or provided with a wrapper. A list of the
needed attributes is in `links.schema_registry.ATTRIBUTES`. Be aware that
'title' and 'description' are also used in the autocomplete widget.
There a multiple ways how you can define a link/wrapper:
`from links import schema
from news_and_events import models
from news_and_events import admin`
1. Very simple case. Your model has all the needed attributes already
`schema.register(models.Event, search_fields=admin.EventAdmin.search_fields)`
2. The attributes on the model are named different:
`schema.register(models.Event, search_fields=admin.EventADmin.search_fields,
title='name', description='some_foreign_key.title', heading='"Event"')`
Each named argument after search_fields represents a attribute the wrapper will have.
A string means the dot noted path will be used to traverse through object, starting from
the linked object. `description='some_foreign_key.title'` will result in using
`theobj.some_foreign_key.title` for the title. It does not matter if the attributes are properties
or callable methods, both work.
`heading='"Event"'` will use a static string for the heading. Both `"'foo'"` and `'"bar"'` work.
3. You want to do some extra calculation.
This works by providing a callable that takes one argument: the linked object
It can be a lamda function or a external function
`def some_very_complicated_function(obj):
r = []
for x in obj.something.all():
if x.y:
r.append(u"foo: %s" %
r.append(u"stuff: %s" %
return "<br />".join(r)
schema.register(models.Event, search_fields=admin.EventAdmin.search_fields,
title=lambda obj: u"%s (%s)" % (unicode(obj), obj.active_count),
4. You have a quite complex wrapper: make your own Wrapper subclass
`from links import LinkWrapper
class MyEventLinkWrapper(LinkWrapper):
search_fields = admin.EventAdmin.search_fields
def title(self):
return self.obj.something(extra=' asdfsadf')
def description(self):
return "static description"
schema.register_wrapper(Event, MyEventLinkWrapper)`
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