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Proposal for a Django/django CMS/Arkestra symposium

Feel free to add names, suggestions, comments


Cardiff, Wales. At least part could be held at Cardiff University


Around the 13th, perhaps 20th, July


A possible schedule:

  • Friday: sessions for users and potential users, and newcomers to Django
  • Saturday: sessions for developers (of Django CMS/Arkestra) and potential developers (of Django)
  • Sunday: sprints

Is this too long? Maybe two days would be better.

Is it too soon? Too ambitious?

JONAS: I think two days would be better. Especially if it's Sat/Sun. Like this a lot more people could come from the UK (and elsewhere) since it's just a weekend trip. This format works nicely for other small conferences like DjangoConG in France. Friday night could be casual get-together (food/drinks/maybe lightning talks?)


  • key developers of django CMS & Arkestra and perhaps a Django core developer
    • django CMS: Jonas (I will try my best to attend, mostly a time issue, might not make Friday regardless of schedule, we'll see...)
    • Arkestra: Daniele
    • Django: Luke Plant?
  • existing django CMS/Arkestra users from the Cardiff University School of Medicine
  • potential Django users/developers from the University
  • members of the UK Django community
  • local web developers who are interested in learning more about Django


  • to showcase open source software, Django, django CMS and Arkestra
  • to raise the profile of Django locally
  • to raise the profile of django CMS & Arkestra in the University, Cardiff, and the UK
  • to raise the profile of and explain open source software to users in the University
  • to introduce django CMS developers to its users
  • to help start a local Django community
  • hold a code sprint (on what, exactly?)
  • to meet people we usually only see on Twitter/Github/IRC in real life and have a good time

What else