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BrachioGraph - the cheapest, simplest possible pen-plotter

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BrachioGraph - arm-writer - is an easy-to-build pen-plotter, driven by a library of simple Python applications.

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A BrachioGraph can be built in an hour or so without any special skills. The total cost of all components can be as low as €15 or so. Apart from a Raspberry Pi computer and some hobby servo motors, the plotter can be built with everyday household items such as a clothes-peg. The software in the BrachioGraph library includes code to :ref:`drive the hardware <start-plotting>` and :ref:`vectorise bit-map images <use-linedraw>`.

BrachioGraphs benefits from contributions from the open-source community, and independently-created :ref:`community resources <community-resources>`. These include videos,, a web version of the linedraw software used to vectorise images and 3D printed plotter components.

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From bitmap to plot via vectorisation

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:doc:`Get started <get-started/index>`

Build the machine, install the software, make basic tests

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:doc:`How-to guides <how-to/index>`

Improve the calibration, process images, visualise plotter behaviour, alternative designs

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:doc:`Explanation <explanation/index>`

Understanding the mathematics, choosing hardware.

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:doc:`Reference <reference/index>`

Guide to key classes and functions

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About the documentation

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    How-to guides <how-to/index>
    Reference <reference/index>
    Explanation <explanation/index>