Don't be afraid to commit - a workshop/tutorial for inexperienced Python/Django developers who would like to contribute more to the projects they use.
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Don't be afraid to commit

A hands-on workshop for Python/Django developers who would like to contribute
more to the projects they use, but need more grounding in some of the tools

What's in it for you

As well as helping to put you in a position to commit successfully to
collaborative projects, the workshop's emphasis on using virtualenv/pip and
git will help you manage your own work in a more streamlined and efficient

What we'll cover

The workshop will take participants through the complete cycle of identifying a simple issue in a
Django or Python project, writing a patch with documentation, and submitting it.

The workshop will take you through the use of:

* virtualenv and pip
* git (and GitHub)
* writing and building documentation using Sphinx
* submitting a pull request

A workbook and reference guide will be provided to support the workshop.

What you need to know

The workshop is open to anyone, but places will be limited.