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Don't be afraid to commit


A workshop/tutorial for Python/Django developers who would like to contribute more to the projects they use, but need more grounding in some of the tools required.

The workshop will take participants through the complete cycle of identifying a simple issue in a Django or Python project, writing a patch with documentation, and submitting it.

The purpose of the workshop

Don't be afraid to commit will help put you in a position to commit successfully to collaborative projects.

You'll find it particularly useful if you think you have some good coding ideas, but find that managing the development process sometimes gets in the way of your actual development.

What's covered

virtualenv and pip will help you manage your own work in a more streamlined and efficient way.

Git and GitHub will also help you manage your own workflow and development, and will make it possible for you to collaborate effectively with others. The Django Project, like many other open projects, uses both.

Documentation - being able to create, manage and publish documentation in an efficient and orderly way will make your work more accessible and more interesting to other people.

Contributing - how to submit your work


.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2

   What you need to know and have installed before you begin <prerequisites>
   Contributing your work <contributing>
   Cheatsheet - a handy summary of key commands and techniques <cheatsheet>
   A record of people who attended a workshop or followed the tutorial <attendance_record>
   Notes for anyone planning a workshop <notesforplanners>