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Help me understand #44

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Forgive me if I'm being stupid, I tried reading the other bug reports and within the script itself and I'm just not getting it. (I've successfully set up CouchPotato, and Sickbeard as well as another show torrenting software written by a friend so I'm not a complete newb to this)

First my system setup:
Ubuntu Server x64 12.04
Directory where I want comics to end up /mnt/samba/Comics/<br> Directory containing Mylar: /home/bjames/mylar<br> Sabnzbd scripts directory (I had to create this, pointed Sab at it): /home/bjames/sabnzbd/scripts<br> Within the scripts dir I did a symlink to /home/bjames/mylar/sabnzbd/ just to make life easier to manage. Permissions on symlink are 777<br> Sabnzbd group is comics with directory being /mnt/samba/Comics/mylar<br> reports in the text that version is 1.02.a (I saw some confusion as to if this is the current version or not)<br> Comdir = '/mnt/samba/Comics/'<br> mylaron = "yes"<br> repblank = "no"<br> remcrap = "yes"<br> comicyearopt = "yes"<br> zerosup = "2"</p> <h2>Sabnzbd is download the files and they are ending up in /mnt/samba/Comics/Mylar with each issue having it's own folder as shown:</h2> <p>/mnt/samba/Comics/mylar$ ls<br> Green Lantern New Guardians 6 (2011) (2012) Justice League 6 (2011) (2012)<br> Green Lantern New Guardians 8 (2011) (2012) Justice League 7 (2011) (2012)<br> Justice League 10 (2011) (2012) Justice League 8 (2011) (2012)<br> Justice League 11 (2011) (2012) Justice League 9 (2011) (2012)</p> <h2>Justice League 5 (2011) (2012)</h2> <p>Maybe my expectations are off, but I'd expect on the /mnt/samba/Comics to see for the 2 examples above a directory for Green Lantern New Guardians and Justice League with each individual title below that (possibly with a year directory then the individual issues) </p>

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Well I'd like to first point out that I'm a complete newb at all of this - this is my first pet project, my first program (using python) as well as several other firsts because of Mylar.

But you are correct in your thinking, the way Mylar works is that if Rename Files is checked off in Mylar(and it is from your setup because you have 2 years being passed) it will create the folder structure as "Green Lantern New Guardians (2011)/Green Lantern New Guardians 6 (2012).cbr" Once it's done, it'll remove the download directory that SAB created in that instance (the sub-dirs you have now in the /mnt/samba/Comics/mylar dir).

The reason why your having problems thus far is that your script is of an older version. Check in the /sabnzbd folder within the Mylar root (if you're running a recent commit), and the version should be v1.02.b as well as having a Settings Configuration displayed on each run (it'll show in the SABlog) along with some verbosity as to what it's doing (or attempting to do).

Give'r a try and let me know - you're not wrong in your thinking at all...although the script isn't setup to create a structure of Series/Year/Comic - yet!


I'm still trying to figure out if I'm passing or failing on this one!

Yeah that was a typo on the version...when you run it it should display v1.02.b in the SAB run log for the downloaded item. If you are using the correct version, paste the log from SAB in here and I'll scope out the problem and see what's going on :)


Note: the above log entry is the last entry in the Sabnzbd log, there is no reference to Supergirl 4 which is one of the problem books from my other thread.


Well that's close - I was trying to figure a way to work it, but I need to see the results of the script that SAB processes. Within SAB, in the History of your downloads, and under the Script section, it'll say (More) - clicking on the More will give you the results of the script (which is what I'd like to look at).

I do have some previous programming experience, but moreso from dabbling - mainly with xml/xsl parsing and some ancient programming languages that are very rarely used nowadays it seems.


I don't think your script is running? You should see script successfully ran or something in green font next to the downloaded NZBs in your screenshot.

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