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Devise Autosigninable

Devise Autosigninable adds functionality of auto sign in to your devise app. Devise Autosigninable is compatibile with all default Devise modules. If Lockable module is activated Devise Autosigninable uses Lockable functionality for failed attempts. If user is blocked or not confirmed he can't sign in with Devise Autosigninable too.

Devise Autosigninable signs in a user based on an autosignin token (random hash with length 32). If signed in user try to sign in with Devise Autosigninable he will be sign out firstly and than go to sign in. So if token is incorrect user will be signed out anyway.

Devise Autosigninable compatibile Rails 3


  • Add devise_autosigninable to Gemfile:

    gem 'devise_autosigininable', '1.0.0'

  • Add :autosigninable to your Devise modules in model, for example:

    devise :registerable, :authenticatable, :recoverable, :rememberable, :trackable, :validatable, :lockable, :autosigninable

  • Generate migration for autosigninable. It creates neccessary fields and fill already existed records.

    rails g devise_autosigninable MODEL

Replace MODEL by the class name you want to add devise, like User, Admin, etc

  • Run rake command for generation autosignin tokens

    rake devise:autosigninable:ensure[MODEL]

Route and Helpers

Devise Autosigninable has two methods which help to generate url and link to auto sign in



link_to_autosignin(object, title, options)

By default Devise Autosigninable uses '/:object_id/autosignin/:autosignin_token' route. For example, for User model:


Also route understand optional parameter "return_to" to redirect after sign in.

Rake tasks

Devise Autosigninable has two rake task which help to reset all autosignin_tokens

rake devise:autosigninable:reset[User]

and generate all missed autosigninable tokens

rake devise:autosigninable:ensure[User]


Devise Autosigninable has functionality of exipering token after sign in. To use it add this to the end of devise determing in model:

:autosignin_expire => true

For example:

devise :authenticatable, :confirmable, :recoverable, :validatable, :autosigninable, :autosignin_expire => true

Devise Autosigninable add method autosigninable? which detect need of generation autosignin token for record. It may be useful you don't want add autosignin functionality for some records.