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Code for "Evil Front: Modern Front-end in Rails" 3-part tutorial:
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Evil Chat

Code for a chat application from "Modern Front-end in Rails" three-part tutorial from Evil Martians. Read it here:

An opinionated guide to modern, modular, component-based approach to handling your presentation logic in Rails that does not depend on any front-end framework. Follow our three-part tutorial to learn the bare minimum of up-to-date front-end techniques by example and finally make sense of it all.

The master branch contains the final code for the demo application with some light modifications that add SVG icons to demonstrate postcss-inline-svg plugin.

If you are looking for code that reflects application at the end of any part, take a look at:


$ cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml

$ bin/rails credentials:edit

$ bundle install
$ bin/rails db:migrate
$ yarn install
$ brew install hivemind
$ hivemind
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