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Find file Copy path
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-- Don't display the "helpful" message on startup.
\set QUIET 1
-- Allow specifying the path to history file via `PSQL_HISTFILE` env variable
-- (and fallback to the defaukt $HOME/.psql_history otherwise)
\set HISTFILE `[[ -z $PSQL_HISTFILE ]] && echo $HOME/.psql_history || echo $PSQL_HISTFILE`
-- Show how long each query takes to execute
-- Use best available output format
\x auto
-- Verbose error reports
\set VERBOSITY verbose
-- If a command is run more than once in a row,
-- only store it once in the history
\set HISTCONTROL ignoredups
-- By default, NULL displays as an empty space. Is it actually an empty
-- string, or is it null? This makes that distinction visible
\pset null '[NULL]'
\unset QUIET
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