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X3 IRC Services
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                              X3 Readme File

X3 is a complete set of services for Nefarious IRCu P10 protocol
networks based on srvx irc services.. It aims to be highly efficient,
flexible, and extensible. Features include advanced proxy detection
and all the standard services users expect e.g. ChanServ, NickServ,
OpServ, HelpServ, and Global.

X3 is open source software; the source is available for download
under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License,
commonly known as the GNU GPL.

The official X3 web site is available at

Please read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

There are several conditions under which we WILL NOT support your use
of these services. (The license may permit such uses, but we do not
wish to encourage them.)


 - Use under Windows. X3 can work to some extent under the Cygwin
 ( environment, but Windows as a whole departs
 significantly from standard APIs and is difficult to support.

 - Alteration of credits. If you change the credits in your version of
 the code so as to obscure the original authorship of the program, we
 will not support you.  If you want to use our code -- especially if
 you want us to answer your questions about it -- do the decent thing
 and preserve the credits that are in the code we distribute.

In addition, please read the documentation included in the X3
distribution before you ask us for support. The answers to many common
questions related to installation are in the INSTALL file, for
example. It saves both our time and your time, so please read the

The AUTHORS file contains contact information for the X3 Development
Team, aswell as contact information for the original srvx Development

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