Arduino OLED character-based display lib for I2C two-wire SSD1306-based OLED displays 128x64
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Arduino OLED character-based display lib for I2C two-wire SSD1306-based OLED displays 128x64

This library was created for several reasons:

  • These specific OLED displays are cheap! Check eBay (about $3 each).
  • The Adafruit libraries for similar displays don't work with I2C
  • Other libraries implement a framebuffer, which instantly uses about half of your dynamic memory on standard Arduinos
  • Sometimes you just want a nice, cheap, low overhead text display
  • Ultimately, I wrote this because I was seduced by cheap displays on the internet and only discovered after I bought several that there was no library to make them work

##Things this library will do

Using a font file stored in Arduino PROGMEM, this library can intialise the display and do the following:

  • Display (limited) text on the screen at an x,y (0-16,0-7) position
  • Display integers on the screen at an x,y (0-16,0-7) position
  • As you control the font, you can program any characters you like!
  • Utility python script for generating font and/or splash screen data included
  • Flash screen (with a specified delay)
  • Alert mode (flashes multiple times with decreasing delay)
  • Integrated software 2-pin I2C comms, leaving Arduino SDA/SCL for other uses

##Things this library may eventually do (roadmap)

  • support double height font printing
  • support inverted text
  • support scrolling modes
  • directly support float/double for putString()
  • use optional framebuffer (only uses memory if you enable it)
  • various graphic functions that will become possible with the above

##Support If you have a problem, you can file an issue and if I care, I may attend to it. Alternatively, if you want to fix things yourself, I am open to pull-requests. Everything lives here: