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Adam Baldwin
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Yubikey Web Service Client Module for NodeJS

Validate Yubikeys via Yubico Web Services API. (

Yubikey tokens can be purchased from
Yubico API id and signature key can be requested from

Example usage:

      var yubikey = require(./yubikey.js);

      // Replace with your Yubico API Id and Key
      yubikey.apiId = 1234; // Required
      yubikey.apiKey = 'asdfasdf'; // Optional, will add HMAC-SHA-1 signature in requests and verify signature in response when set

      var otp = 'ccccccceabcrkjftthlbkgnhnugvbhidjleuddbghhnl'; // OTP generated by Yubikey

      yubikey.verify(otp, function(isValid) {
            console.log(isValid ? 'Yubikey is valid' : 'Yubikey is not valid');

More Info: