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SendData is an Class modleded after FormData to make this functionallity aviable in FireFox 3.5. The main usefull part is sending files, this feature requires the FileReader.


 var xhr, sd, fd;

 xhr = new XMLHttpRequest;'POST', '/upload.php', true) // You need to use post requests

 if ('FormData' in window) { // use native FormData if possible
   fd = new FormData(); 
   fd.append('foo', 'bar');
   fd.append('answere', 42);
   fd.append('file', document.getElementById('input_file').files[0]); // <input type="file">

 else {
   sd = new SendData();
   sd.append('foo', 'bar');
   sd.append('answere', 42);
   sd.append('file', document.getElementById('input_file').files[0]);

   sd.send(xhr) // Attention!


SendData internally sets three Request Headers: "Content-Type", "Connection" and "Content-Length"


SendData#append(name, value)

name: the name of the field, its basically the same as for example the name of an input field value: can be anything, but File Objects get special treatment


XMLHttpRequestInstance: Where the data should be written to


SendData#onerror = function (message) { }

Assign your handler to this, if you want to get messages when reading a file fails.

Static Method


form: a html form element

This function is similiar to Mozillas Form#getFormData, and will return a new SendData instance.


This is my first javascript class i ever wrote, to i would be really happy to get some feedback.

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