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SpiderNode: Node.js on SpiderMonkey

This project is a port of Node.js on top of SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine in Firefox. We're still in the very early stages of the port, and a lot of work remains to be done before Node works.


Right now we're focused on using this project in the Positron project. This means that we will need to finish SpiderShim to the extent necessary for Node.js to work. In the future, we may look into finishing implementing the features of the V8 API that Node.js does not use, in order to provide a V8 API shim layer out of the box in SpiderMonkey. The SpiderShim code is being developed with that long term goal in mind.

How it works

To enable building and running Node.js with SpiderMonkey, a V8 API shim (SpiderShim) is created on top of the SpiderMonkey API. This is based on Microsoft's node-chakracore, but it doesn't share much code with it besides the build system integration.

Current status

This is a work in progress, and Node cannot be successfully built yet because of the missing V8 APIs causing linker errors when building the Node.js binary. So far enough of the V8 API has been implemented to enable running a minimal JavaScript program on top of SpiderShim. More specifically this test case currently passes. Nothing else will work out of the box yet!

The build system integration can be improved.

We're actively working on this, so if you're interested in the status of this project, please check here again soon.

How to build

Before building please make sure you have the prerequisites for building Node.js as documented here.

Building on any OS other than Linux or OS X has not been tested.

Build Command:

./configure --engine=spidermonkey

Note that right now the build will fail as stated above when linking Node. Building the SpiderShim test requires invoking the linker command manually.

Repository structure

The repository is based on node-chakracore. The interesting bits can be found in the deps/spidershim directory.