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Google CSE Arrows

Add "previous" and "next" arrows to your Google CSE search navigation.

Automatically adds "Previous" and "Next" links to your Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) search results. When using Custom Search Element API version 2. For version 1 there is a better solution, but the version 1 API is deprecated by Google.

The script is small and easy to use: just add to your page with an existing Google CSE version 2 search element.

It should work fine with any of the various Google CSE layouts and options.

Requires jQuery (any recent version).

The "Previous" and "Next" arrows are given class names of "gsc-cursor-prev" and "gsc-cursor-next", so you can use CSS to style them as you like.

How it Works

Uses the Mutation Observer API to watch a key Google CSE DOM element for changes. Once the element is changed, the Observer is activated and can add "Previous" and "Next" arrows, as appropriate.


Add "previous" and "next" arrows to Google CSE search navigation




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