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ANNOUNCEMENT: dSploit merges with ZImperium zANTI2
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dSploit merges with ZImperium zANTI2

Some of you, the ones who know me personally, already know that starting from the last July I've become part of the ZImperium family as a software developer and security researcher. I've been "unofficially" already working/hacking with Elia, one of the two founders for 4 years, during this summer I met Zuk in Amesterdam and later on all of them in Tel Aviv.

We've talked a lot about this and finally we decided to join our efforts to create a better, faster and free product.

So I'm very proud to announce that dSploit was merged into zANTI, and the new version will (actually already is) zANTI2 which you can download here. zANTI2 will be released as an open source software in the near future, meaning that the community, towards which I'm deeply thankful, will continue to be able to contribute, test beta features and so forth.

If you have an old version of dSploit ( anything rather than the last nightly build ), please remove it and download zANTI2 manually to have the latest code updates and features.

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