Hybris scripting language interpreter engine and standard library modules.
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Copyleft by Simone Margaritelli evilsocket@gmail.com & The Hybris Dev Team Infos & Documentation at http://www.hybris-lang.org/

What is Hybris ?

Hybris, acronym for hybrid scripting language, is an object oriented scripting language with dynamic typing, which is a language that does not require explicit declaration of the type of a variable, but understands how to treat the variable in question in accordance with the value which is initialized and subsequently treated.

The grammar and the feature set integrated into the standard library were made with only three purposes, goals that describe quite well the quality target of the project:

  • Cut off unnecessary features of existing grammars so far to get a clean style, intuitive and above all that does not involve time wasting for code writing.
  • Include in the standard those features which, though not included in the core of other languages, have become for quality and / or need the state of the art in the world of programming.
  • Keep the low-level interaction with the operating system to provide a language that, even if it's scripting and very abstract, has similar potential to low-level compiled languages.