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Commits on Sep 12, 2010
Commits on Sep 10, 2010
  1. Finished Mac OS X compilation, started porting, serial module still t…

    …o be implemented on Apple platforms.
Commits on Sep 9, 2010
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
  1. Fixed a bug in VM with global values assignment.

    Implemented vector.unique builtin method.
    Implemented DEBUG option for cmake.
Commits on Jun 7, 2010
Commits on Jun 6, 2010
  1. Removed redundant code.

Commits on Jun 5, 2010
  1. @shurizzle

    Fix'd gay CMakeLists.txt

    shurizzle authored
Commits on Jun 3, 2010
Commits on May 31, 2010
Commits on May 30, 2010
Commits on May 29, 2010
Commits on May 28, 2010
  1. Implemented vector.{min,max} and string.repeat, fixed exception and r…

    …eturn state reference counting, updated doc.
  2. Fixed severe bug that causes duplicate objects when not necessary, re…

    …introduced object reference counting, big speedup.
  3. Fixed exception handling.

  4. Removed redundant code from the old version with double compilation, …

    …one VM instance to Rule Them All! : D
  5. Little modification, now the "main" passes argc and argv instances to…

    … the VM (to be used in near future with GTK+).
  6. Optimized types builtin methods (if any), switching from a normal arr…

    …ay to an ITree<ob_type_builtin_method_t> .
    Updated Rakefile with libreadline dependency.
Commits on May 27, 2010
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