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The Swiss Army knife for backend engineers.
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Joe is a tool to automatically build a REST API, its documentation and charts around SQL queries and their resulting data.

In a way it is an anti-ORM: its purpose is to help backend engineers versioning , annotating, exposing and charting the queries that can't be implemented or aren't worth implementing in the backend main business logic and that they would normally keep on .txt or .sql files.

How to Install

go get -u


First create an /etc/joe/joe.conf configuration file with the access credentials for the database:

# CHANGE THIS: use a complex secret for the JWT token generation


Then create the admin user (this command will generate the file /etc/joe/users/admin.yml):

sudo mkdir -p /etc/joe/users
sudo joe -new-user admin -token-ttl 6 # JWT tokens for this user expire after 6 hours

For query and chart examples you can check this repository. Once you have your /etc/joe/queries folder with your queries, you can:

Generate markdown documentation:

joe -doc /path/to/

Start the joe server:

joe -conf /etc/joe/joe.conf -data /etc/joe/queries -users /etc/joe/users

Why the name Joe?

The software is a very generic middleware that doesn't have a very specific business logic but adapts to the queries and the data, so one of the most generic and short names looked like a good idea. You can also think about "Joe" as that coworker you can always ask to run a query on the backend for you.


joe is made with ♥ by @evilsocket and it is released under the GPL3 license.

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