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import os
import logging
import time
import glob
import re
import pwnagotchi.grid as grid
import pwnagotchi.plugins as plugins
from pwnagotchi.utils import StatusFile, WifiInfo, extract_from_pcap
from threading import Lock
def parse_pcap(filename):"grid: parsing %s ..." % filename)
net_id = os.path.basename(filename).replace('.pcap', '')
if '_' in net_id:
# /root/handshakes/ESSID_BSSID.pcap
essid, bssid = net_id.split('_')
# /root/handshakes/BSSID.pcap
essid, bssid = '', net_id
mac_re = re.compile('[0-9a-fA-F]{12}')
if not mac_re.match(bssid):
return '', ''
it = iter(bssid)
bssid = ':'.join([a + b for a, b in zip(it, it)])
info = {
WifiInfo.ESSID: essid,
WifiInfo.BSSID: bssid,
info = extract_from_pcap(filename, [WifiInfo.BSSID, WifiInfo.ESSID])
except Exception as e:
logging.error("grid: %s" % e)
return info[WifiInfo.ESSID], info[WifiInfo.BSSID]
class Grid(plugins.Plugin):
__author__ = ''
__version__ = '1.0.1'
__license__ = 'GPL3'
__description__ = 'This plugin signals the unit cryptographic identity and list of pwned networks and list of pwned ' \
'networks to '
def __init__(self):
self.options = dict() = StatusFile('/root/.api-report.json', data_format='json')
self.unread_messages = 0
self.total_messages = 0
self.lock = Lock()
def is_excluded(self, what):
for skip in self.options['exclude']:
skip = skip.lower()
what = what.lower()
if skip in what or skip.replace(':', '') in what:
return True
return False
def on_loaded(self):"grid plugin loaded.")
def set_reported(self, reported, net_id):
if net_id not in reported:
reported.append(net_id){'reported': reported})
def check_inbox(self, agent):
logging.debug("checking mailbox ...")
messages = grid.inbox()
self.total_messages = len(messages)
self.unread_messages = len([m for m in messages if m['seen_at'] is None])
if self.unread_messages:
plugins.on('unread_inbox', self.unread_messages)
logging.debug("[grid] unread:%d total:%d" % (self.unread_messages, self.total_messages))
agent.view().on_unread_messages(self.unread_messages, self.total_messages)
def check_handshakes(self, agent):
logging.debug("checking pcaps")
pcap_files = glob.glob(os.path.join(agent.config()['bettercap']['handshakes'], "*.pcap"))
num_networks = len(pcap_files)
reported ='reported', default=[])
num_reported = len(reported)
num_new = num_networks - num_reported
if num_new > 0:
if self.options['report']:"grid: %d new networks to report" % num_new)
logging.debug("self.options: %s" % self.options)
logging.debug(" exclude: %s" % self.options['exclude'])
for pcap_file in pcap_files:
net_id = os.path.basename(pcap_file).replace('.pcap', '')
if net_id not in reported:
if self.is_excluded(net_id):
logging.debug("skipping %s due to exclusion filter" % pcap_file)
self.set_reported(reported, net_id)
essid, bssid = parse_pcap(pcap_file)
if bssid:
if self.is_excluded(essid) or self.is_excluded(bssid):
logging.debug("not reporting %s due to exclusion filter" % pcap_file)
self.set_reported(reported, net_id)
if grid.report_ap(essid, bssid):
self.set_reported(reported, net_id)
logging.warning("no bssid found?!")
logging.debug("grid: reporting disabled")
def on_internet_available(self, agent):
logging.debug("internet available")
if self.lock.locked():
with self.lock:
except Exception as e:
logging.error("error connecting to the pwngrid-peer service: %s" % e)
logging.debug(e, exc_info=True)
except Exception as e:
logging.error("[grid] error while checking inbox: %s" % e)
logging.debug(e, exc_info=True)
except Exception as e:
logging.error("[grid] error while checking pcaps: %s" % e)
logging.debug(e, exc_info=True)