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v1.5.5 Latest
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New Features

  • f164b8b new: added new faces for uploading status
  • ba13b12 added afrikaans lang
  • 34c2c8a Add support for SSD1608 variant 250x122 pixel Inky pHATs
  • 2db8f14 Display UPS-Lite charging status
  • 840054f Display coordinates for dfrobotv2
  • 929eac7 Updated to include positioning for the waveshare 2.7 inch screen, tested on my hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 /w waveshare 2.7 inch epaper hat, and USB GPS/GLONASS U-blox7


  • 1318275 fix: using better symbols for ups charging status
  • 5c3b21f fix: recompiled localization files
  • d6c7a73 fix: fixed whl file urls
  • 10f274d fix: updated build scripts with latest packer version
  • c472e60 Fix bug in gps module
  • ea061d4 Fix broken link in README
  • 1a0083e Fix correct x positioning
  • 1aea0b9 Small gps fixes + memtemp rework
  • fddee87 Updated dutch & fixed typos
  • ef4fbd9 Updated dutch & fixed typos
  • 633b726 Fix minor typo
  • 5f7dd56 Fixing scripts
  • 2ddf040 swap out header file for one that doesn't tie up gpio pins 14 and 15 for waveshare_2
  • 37342c0 Have watchdog plugin reboot system rather than restart application
  • 0348881 Ensure fs is synced before reboot so logs aren't lost
  • 71514a9 Delaying fs sync to ensure shutdown message is logged to disk
  • 552df65 Make sure IPv4 works when eth0 is connected


  • 7d35f5c Merge branch 'master' into task/improve-es-lang
  • 6b3d904 Merge branch 'master' of
  • 4441ae8 misc: using stork for releases
  • 88a1552 Update voice.po
  • 0fd0987 Update
  • 6430a40 Update logging
  • 819be76 Update voice.po
  • f701390 Create voice.po
  • 3bd9cd4 Tweak Wigle plugin
  • 7da3cc5 Revert. Changes are handled in a separate branch
  • 7287845 Removed debug line.
  • 1c4df7a Additional comments
  • c124a97 Changelog update.
  • b886b4e Added more configurable fields
  • 6d0e295 Version bumps
  • 6111ee9 Improved Spanish translation
  • 0b1c51d If a step fails, abort script.
  • 8dd9a85 quick ignore of python environments
  • 0f7870f Set maxZoom to max value