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#ifndef _INTERCOM_H
#define _INTERCOM_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include "config.h"
#ifdef HOST
#define enable_transmit() do { WRITE(TX_ENABLE_PIN,1); UCSR1B &=~MASK(RXEN1); } while(0)
#define disable_transmit() do { WRITE(TX_ENABLE_PIN,0); UCSR1B &= ~(MASK(TXCIE1) | MASK(UDRIE1)); UCSR1B |= MASK(RXEN1); } while(0)
#define enable_transmit() do { WRITE(TX_ENABLE_PIN,1); UCSR0B &= ~MASK(RXEN0); } while(0)
#define disable_transmit() do { WRITE(TX_ENABLE_PIN,0); UCSR0B &= ~(MASK(TXCIE0) | MASK(UDRIE0)); UCSR0B |= MASK(RXEN0); } while(0)
/// list of error codes, not many so far...
enum {
} err_codes;
/** \brief intercom packet structure, both tx and rx
typedef struct {
uint8_t start; ///< start byte, must be 0x55
uint8_t dio; ///< gpio
uint8_t controller_num; ///< controller index
uint8_t control_word; ///< what to do
uint8_t control_index; ///< what to do it to
/// data with which to do it
union {
int32_t control_data_int32;
uint32_t control_data_uint32;
float control_data_float;
uint16_t temp[2];
uint8_t err; ///< error code, if any
uint8_t crc; ///< crc for packet verification. packets with bad crc are simply ignored
} intercom_packet_t;
/// this allows us to fill the packet struct, then pass it to something that expects an array of bytes
typedef union {
intercom_packet_t packet;
uint8_t data[sizeof(intercom_packet_t)];
} intercom_packet;
extern intercom_packet tx;
extern intercom_packet rx;
/// initialise serial subsystem
void intercom_init(void);
/// if host, send target temperature to extruder
/// if extruder, send actual temperature to host
void send_temperature(uint8_t index, uint16_t temperature);
/// if host, read actual temperature from extruder
/// if extruder, read target temperature from host
uint16_t read_temperature(uint8_t index);
/// if host, set DIOs on extruder controller
/// if extruder, report DIO state
void set_dio(uint8_t index, uint8_t value);
/// if host, read extruder DIO inputs
/// if extruder, set DIO outputs
uint8_t get_dio(uint8_t index);
/// set error code to send to other end
void set_err(uint8_t err);
/// get error code sent from other end
uint8_t get_err(void);
/// if host, send packet to extruder
/// if extruder, return packet to host
void start_send(void);
#define FLAG_NEW_RX 4
extern volatile uint8_t intercom_flags;
#endif /* _INTERCOM_H */