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akzhan commented Apr 3, 2012

What about support of widely used GitHub Flavored Markdown?

We need it. This dialect known as the Redcarpet.


ashb commented Apr 3, 2012

Support for this as a dialect should possible.

Its probably not that much work if you base it on the existing standard dialect (look for Maruku how do that).

Unfortunately I don't have time to do this right so 'patches welcome' I'm afraid.

So I have actually already done this:

But my repo is currently messed up because of some changes I made a month ago. I don't think it would be appropriate to do a PR but you can by all means just copy the dialect code.


akzhan commented Apr 3, 2012

@gjtorikian, thanks a lot. I will rebase your commits to send PR.

Also forgot to add that I also do not have the time to fix my own code at the moment--hence lack of PR ;p


akzhan commented Apr 3, 2012

NP. Anyway some codebase is very good point to work on than from scratch.


rlidwka commented Apr 7, 2012


@akzhan, it is ready?


akzhan commented Apr 7, 2012

@rlidwka, @1602 shows me another project at, and now it meets my needs.


rlidwka commented Apr 7, 2012

@akzhan , oh... that's the same old Markdown engine originally written in Perl and ported line-by-line then.

Unfortunately, it has no central repository (forks are scattered all over the internet). It's written using regexp very much that's good in perl but hard to maintain in javascript. It has no plugin system, so everyone just naturally rewriting it's core to every specific project.

I think i'd stick with this one...


ashb commented Apr 9, 2012

As you might have noticed I did a lot of tidying up (mainly getting the test suite running again) and closing of the easier bugs on the markdown project this weekend.

Hopefully I'll be getting onto this soon if someone else doesn't beat me too it.

dpaola2 commented May 13, 2012

I'm working on a super simple, open source Markdown editor in the browser (based on Mou). I'd absolutely love to have github flavored markdown, and basically would love to have this feature included in markdown.js.

Just voicing my support on this issue.

Thanks so much for your work, @ashb.

mattly commented Oct 22, 2012

any news here? I'd love to have this as well.


ashb commented Jan 14, 2013

I made a start on the gfm branch - Can't remember how far I've gotten though...

I got really inspired by seeing the checkmark support in GFM ( and would like to see this adopted in.

However, when I started to poke at it it seems that is conflicts with the check for links [.*] vs [ ] and [x]. I'm not sure how best to solve this in a good way, but I got it working by simply doing a check in the link handler if the res[1] is ' ' or 'x'.

If you want to give some further guidance, I can try my hand at some other contribution.

And not to hijack, but I don't think GFM is feature complete without being able to update the checkmark content in some capacity. Is this something you think ultimately markdown-js should facilitate or should it be entirely up to the application?


ashb commented Jan 23, 2013

Yay for ambiguous markdown syntax. Cos there's not enough of that already...

And not to hijack, but I don't think GFM is feature complete without being able to update the checkmark content in some capacity. Is this something you think ultimately markdown-js should facilitate or should it be entirely up to the application?

My first thought is that this is something application specific, but we might be able to help by giving functions to find the character offset to the [ ] so that it can be easily changed... Hmmm.

Getting the character offset would be really useful, generating markup like would make this pretty easy to implement in any application. As it stands, I did a really terrible regex based on the remaining line so I can match.

I pushed my earlier attempt to which shows it working with the horrible regex, just to demonstrate usage.

I plopped my hack in the Gruber inline section, simply because there wasn't a GFM dialect present and I wanted to just experiment with it from a user-facing perspective.

Snugug commented Dec 21, 2013

I'd like to see this implemented as well.

It would indeed be great to have this! Any progress?
IMO, the most important things are: distinguishing single backticks and triple backticks (including their “type tag”) and tables.

Any workarounds different that using branch that is 160+ commits and 2 years behind master?

herkyl commented Aug 21, 2014

It's a shame that it markdown-js doesn't support it. I have to use marked for it which doesn't support custom syntax, a loss-loss both ways.


Soleone commented Sep 15, 2014

i would consider github flavored markdown the current standard in markdown, at least among all the users i know. definitely 👍 for this feature


puzrin commented Nov 29, 2014

If you can live without maruku-like attributes, you can try . It supports all GFM / PHP Markdown Extra / Pandoc extensions, and provides api for plugins.

dometto commented Jan 21, 2015


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Editable sections. #135

I would +1 to this feature. At the very least, having the Syntax highlighting php //code here support would be phenomonal


@lencioni lencioni added a commit to lencioni/github-issues-react-relay that referenced this issue Aug 24, 2015

@lencioni lencioni Add body to issue page
Issue bodies are in markdown format, so I brought in a markdown parser.
Before landing on marked, I tried remarkable [0] but that didn't work
out so well with webpack due to an issue in one of its dependencies
(Autolinker.js [1]). Next, I tried markdown-js [2] which seemed okay,
but it doesn't seem to have support for fenced code blocks or GitHub
flavored markdown [3], which I'd really like to have for this project
since I need to render markdown that comes from GitHub's API. marked
seems to support this better and it doesn't have problems with webpack.

[1]: gregjacobs/Autolinker.js#86
[3]: evilstreak/markdown-js#41

Found this issue by not being able to use 3 backticks (before/after) while trying to format a bit of code. Had to use 4 indents instead, which is very annoying. Then I stumbled upon this issue but noticed it's no longer active.

I have 2 questions:

  • Are people still interested in getting this? If yes, any chance someone's gonna work on implementing - at least - the GH format for code blocks?
  • Are people considering using which is supposed to become the new Markdown standard?

This was referenced Jan 9, 2017

wzpan commented Jul 22, 2017


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