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Windows linebreak issues #58

sippeangelo opened this Issue June 29, 2012 · 10 comments

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sippeangelo Dominic Baggott Ash Berlin adicirstei Terry Rosen XhmikosR Matthew Kastor Qawelesizwe Mlilo

I found that markdown.js is having trouble parsing through windows linebreaks.
For example, with code blocks:

    This is code
    Is this also code?

Which produces this output:

<pre><code>This is code</code></pre>

    Is this code?</p>

Is this something the library should handle or do I have to keep normalizing the linebreaks before I parse?

Ash Berlin
ashb commented June 29, 2012

Hmmm good question...

The output is less than ideal, and I can't think of any reason when you'd want a literal \r in the output like that, so I think it is something this module should be dealing with.


Any news regarding this?

Terry Rosen

Also having this issue.

I should mention using Unix-style line breaks in my editor does solve the problem.


I am using it as a nodejs module in order to render blogposts edited in browser. So I have no means (I know of) to change the line break style. In the mean time, I'm replacing \r before rendereing.


I can't break any line if I use CRLF... I found that with LF and 3 trailing spaces, line breaks work fine. This happens with h5ai which is using markdown-js.

Matthew Kastor matthewkastor referenced this issue from a commit October 15, 2012
Matthew Kastor Issue #58 FIXED
Normalize EOL to `\n` so markdown doesn't gag on it.
Matthew Kastor

Workaround While My Solution is Ignored

I've submitted a patch which fixes this issue but the pull request has been ignored for over a month now. To implement a filter for the markdown you want to parse just do

var input = "# Heading\r\n\r\nParagraph";

// All line endings are converted to `\n` so the issue should not affect you anymore. 
input = input.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/g, '\n');
// input is now equal to: "# Heading\n\nParagraph"

var output = require( "markdown" ).markdown.toHTML( input );
print( output );

The real issue occurs in the Markdown.prototype.split_blocks function defined in lib/markdown.js. That function depends on line endings always being \n and proceeds without warning when other line ending styles are used. Later in the process \r causes issues with parsing and you end up with unexpected results. There should be explicit instructions stating that users are responsible for converting line endings prior to running markdown on their source or, an explicit notification that all line endings will be converted to \n, if my pull request is used.

Reference pull request #64

Dominic Baggott evilstreak referenced this issue from a commit October 15, 2012
Matthew Kastor Issue #58 FIXED
Normalize EOL to `\n` so markdown doesn't gag on it.
Dominic Baggott

Fixed by 67d8fee.

Dominic Baggott evilstreak closed this April 21, 2013
Qawelesizwe Mlilo

I encountered this same problem today while working on a blogging engine. To fix it I used the commend below:

dos2unix postsdirectory/*.md
Dominic Baggott

Hi @qawemlilo. Do you still get the error with the latest code from Github, or is that using 0.4.0? It should be fixed in HEAD now, so if it's not I'd love to know.

Qawelesizwe Mlilo

Hi @evilstreak, you are right I'm using the npm version which is still on 0.4.0, will fork the latest. This is an awesome project by the way.

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