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Evil Tester's Compendium of Testing Apps

A Compendium of applications, pages and REST APIs that you can use to practice your testing and automating.

These are also used in training provided by Alan Richardson (Evil Tester).

How to use

Download the current release .jar file or clone the repo and build it yourself.

Run the .jar file

e.g. java -jar compendium-of-test-apps-v1-1.jar

The server should start and you'll see something like:

SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".
SLF4J: Defaulting to no-operation (NOP) logger implementation
SLF4J: See for further details.
User : superadmin - a791c960-b15d-4948-b971-dbd8212b3125
User : admin - d31b83a0-ca64-4d88-a14d-910d52e30586
User : user - 0a867cf0-d6eb-45c8-90c4-09f4fb108b94
Running on 4567

You can access the apps and pages by visiting:

Building it yourself

Current Snapshot Build Status

If you want to build it yourself rather than use the release version then.

In the \java folder where the top level pom.xml is, run mvn package

I release the .jar file in the subdirectory \java\testingapps\testingapp\target

I release the *-jar-with-dependencies.jar and I usually rename it to get rid of the -jar-with-dependencies.jar part to make it easier to type.

The individual applications each have their own ...jar-with-dependencies.jar in their own target folders.

Runnable applications are:

  • CompendiumDevApps - javascript games and small applications
  • RestListicator - a REST API
  • SeleniumTestPages - a set of simple pages for Web GUI Automating
  • The Pulper - a GUI 'pulp' CRUD App for exploratory testing or automating
  • TestingApp - all the above wrapped into one executable jar


The GUI will change gradually over time and more applications will be added.

Separate Apps

All of the parts of the compilation can be built individually if you use the module projects in the sub directories, e.g. if you only want the REST Listicator API then you can build and run just the restlisticator, but most people will find the Compendium compilation as the easiest way to run the apps.

This Compendium Contains:

  • Buggy JavaScript applications as used for training in Technical Web Testing and "Just Enough JavaScript to be Dangerous"
  • Selenium Test Pages as used for "Selenium WebDriver with Java training" and the book "Selenium Simplified"
  • Rest Listicator as used for REST API training
  • The Pulper - a GUI application for exploratory testing and web automating - this has multiple versions built in which can be toggled via the GUI
  • A variety of applications used for Technical Testing training and actual production use

I found a bug, what do I do?

Remember that these are testing apps, some bugs are to be expected.

But if you find anything that causes the local application to crash (that should not happen) or find something that prevents you moving forward then let me know, either via github or contact me via my website

The releases should work. Their @Test methods were run during the build. And some interactive investigation would have been performed prior to release. Snapshot is not guaranteed to run, but the build status (as reported by travis) can be seen here Current Snapshot Build Status.

You might like to sign up to my email mailing list where I will mention any updates to the application.