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The Pulper

The pulper is a simple app to use for exploratory testing and automating.

You can select the version of the app from the dropdown admin menu once the app is running.

Each user is provided with a unique session that lasts for 5 minutes of activity. If you do not do anything within that time your session will be deleted.

Running locally

java -jar thepulper-1-2-2-jar-with-dependencies.jar

The actual .jar name may vary depending on the version or deployment mechanism.

For the purposes of this readme I will use thepulper.jar

Running via a proxy

java -jar thepulper.jar -proxy 8181

The pulper will communicate via proxy 8181

Allowing Shutdown

java -jar thepulper.jar -allowshutdown

A shutdown menu will be present which will allow shutting down the app. This is recommended for local use.


See the in built help menu for help and the different functionality associated with the versions can be seen listed.

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