Alan Richardson's exploratory testing notes for JS-Sequence-Diagram in Black Ops Testing webinar on 13th July 2015
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Black Ops Testing JS-Sequence-Diagram Webinar

Alan Richardson's exploratory testing notes for JS-Sequence-Diagram:

Exploratory testing notes for the Black Ops Testing Webinar for js-sequence-diagram on 13th July 2015

For this Webinar we were testing JS-Sequence-Diagram

You will see:

  • \notes
    • My notes, which I made in Evernote, in markdown as a pdf so you can see the approach I took for embedding images as metadata in my report which were not used in the final exported report
    • My notes, exported as pdf from so you can see the reason for writing in markdown
    • - my notes copied to a sublime edited text file from evernote (the unicode chars may not be properly visible in certain editors)
  • \tools
    • The tools I wrote to support the testing.
    • crossBrowserTestPage.html - a page with the diagrams representing the issues and examples from the report. I created this simple JavaScript page to run cross browser to allow me to check the diagram rendering on different browsers more easily
    • reporting.html - basically crossBrowserTestPage.html without any real examples in it, for future use
    • explorer.html - a version of test.html from the js-sequence-diagrams project which renders using simple and handrawn format, and keeps a historical record of all the diagrams that you render. Note: saving the page for a session record only works on Firefox and Chrome - IE trims out all the stuff added dynamically to the DOM

This should act as a supplement when you watch the webinar, and hopefully as a standalone example of some exploratory testing and learning documentation approaches.