An emulator for the TIS-100 CPU
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An emulator for a CPU that doesn't exist

This is a C implementation of an emulator for the TIS-100 computer, which doesn't exist.


  • Implements the TIS-100 instruction set.
  • It runs much faster than the Unity reference implementation.

How to compile

Make sure you have ncurses installed on your platform.

$ make
$ ./tis

How to run programs

If you look at tis.c you'll see it opens divide.sys and divide.tis files.

divide.tis is quite similar to the save game format of the TIS-100 game. The main difference is it doesn't skip node numbers when they are not present, or are stack nodes.

divide.sys includes the information for the input nodes and output nodes. It's a format I made up. If you're interested in it, you've probably played TIS-100 and are therefore savy enough to figure it out!


If you edit constants.h and define RICH_OUTPUT you'll get a display closer to the game allowing you to step through the code by pressing any key except q. q quits.


Evil Trout (@eviltrout)


MIT, although the instruction set for TIS-100 might be proprietary. That is unclear!