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Ugurphone Bot Information

The Ugurphone Bot is designed to keep favored music playing. With a growing set of functions, this robot will constantly upvote and play songs that Ugurphone members have shown a vested interest in.

To enter a command, simply type it into the group chat.



Have the Ugurphone Bot play favored song generated queue. The bot will stop playing after two songs if he is alone.


Have the Ugurphone Bot skip his current song.


Have the Ugurphone Bot get off the stage


The Ugurphone Bot will print out room statistics


The Ugurphone Bot will remove his current song if 60% of the room runs this command. Additionally, at least 4 listeners must be present at the start of the song to ensure that this command does not get abused


The Ugurphone Bot will upvote songs that 60% of the group favored. Play accepted songs, and get a free DJ point!


The bot also has some other fun easter eggs for you to discover. Submit issues, pull requests, and what have you to this Github.

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