A General Open-source Framework for Experimenting Novel AI algorithms based on the Connect Four Game
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Connect4 is an open source framework for the famous Connect Four Game, where each of the two players tries to connect 4 continous pieces vertically, horizonally, or diagonally. Each time a piece is only allowed to put on top of a column, and the one who connects four pieces first wins the game.

The Connect4 project is not simply an implementation of the Connect Four game, but a general platform for researchers to implement, experiment and distribute various kinds of AI gaming algorithms. Each AI can be compiled into a DLL library file that can be loaded by the platform for both manual and automatic testing, so that players can share their AIs to compete with each other. It includes flexiable interfaces for researchers to implement AI strategies, compile them, and distribute them, and also inlcudes both UI and command-line tools for algorithm debugging, testing and batch mode competing. We also provide some 100 AI files, which are ranked through pair-wise competing.

You can check out the latest distribution here, and this distribution is based on Windows operating system. Currently we are working on Mac OSX and Linux distributions, contribute to us if you have the passion!