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== URL structure
We serve these paths (angle brackets indicates a runtime value):
list of crosswords with links to them
the dhtml crossword html
the json data for this specific crossword
list of running games with links to them
same data served off of /crossword/<crossword>/ but also understands
multiplayer requests
multiplayer game state, pulled by networking code
== Client-to-server communication
The client sends newline-separated events to the server.
An event contains an event type, a tab, and then a tab-separated list of
Event types and parameters:
text to send
name (name change):
new name
xy (letter fill):
x position
y position
updated character (lowercase signifies a guess)
x position
y position
== Server-to-client communication
The 'cells' string sent from the server to the client contains information
about cells that have changed since the client's last state request. Each
changed cell is represented by four bytes: x-position, y-position, ASCII
letter (lowercase for guesses, uppercase otherwise), and the ASCII session
UID of the player who modified the cell.
== Profiling
gem install ruby-prof
ruby-prof -p graph_html -m 1 -- ./server --data ../crosswords/NYT/2006/ > html
vi html # edit out the junk that ./server output at the top
firefox html
You can add the --debug flag to make it so fetching /quit off the server
stops it. This allows you to fetch some pages and then have the server shut
itself down.
== Performance testing
sudo apt-get install httperf
httperf --hog --server localhost --port 2000 --num-conn 2000