New features, few API changes, less code, and docs #28

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Hello, I've added some new methods to this module, search() and delta(). Read more about the in the dropbox API docs. Also added a cool changesStream() method, it returns an event emitter that emits data event on changes to the client's dropbox.

var stream = dropbox.changesStream();
stream.on('data', function(path, metadata) {
  console.log('file changed', path);

I replaced the oauth module with request. Request handles oauth, and it provides realy convenient APIs like streaming. With it, getFile() and putFile() are much nicer.


putFile() can't be streamed into because Dropbox doesn't support it :(. But its code looks much nicer. And #9 and #10 are now fixed due to this.

I also made some small changes to some methods, allowing the optional parameters in the API. Such as on getFile(), it now supports ranged requests. Cool.

Plus I added API docs to the readme. Enjoy!

@evnm evnm merged commit 3f9b0f2 into evnm:master Apr 26, 2012

Thanks for doing this! Merged and published as v0.4.0.

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