A top-like utility for monitoring Finagle services
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A top-like utility for monitoring Finagle services.

fintop is a command-line program that gathers and prints abbreviated monitoring information on local processes running Finagle clients or servers. It is loosely modeled on top, but doesn't strictly adhere to top-style output.

For example, given two Finagle servers running locally, running fintop could look like this:

$ fintop
Finagle processes: 2, Threads: 44 total, 30 runnable, 14 waiting

PID     PORT   CPU   #TH   #NOND  #RUN   #WAIT   #TWAIT   TXKB       RXKB
14909   1110   4.0   22    1      15     4       3        351        363
14905   9990   4.0   22    1      15     4       3        325        823

For more details on usage and explanations of all abbreviations used in the output, run fintop -h.


From RubyGems.org

fintop is distributed as an executable Ruby gem. To install it from RubyGems.org, simply run gem install fintop.

From source

To install fintop locally from source, clone this repository and run rake install from within the repository's root directory.


fintop currently prints static output rather than continously refreshing. In order to achieve periodic monitoring akin to top, combine it with the watch command:

$ watch fintop

Mac users: OS X does not ship with a built-in watch binary but one can be installed via Homebrew by running brew install watch.


The best way to report bugs or request features is to file an issue on GitHub. To chat about fintop or get support on anything Finagle-related, check out the finaglers mailing list or the #finagle IRC channel on Freenode.


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