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Scala OSGi

scala-osgi is a library meant to ease the burden of interfacing with OSGi from Scala.


OSGi is a powerful and mature standard for creating a module or plugin environment in JVM applications. Once it is up and running, OSGi makes your life easier, not harder, but getting to that point can be challenging since learning the initial concepts of OSGi are not easy and the OSGi API itself is fairly low-level.

scala-osgi was built to be a library around OSGi using Scala's implicits. As an alternative, ScalaModules provides a great DSL for consuming and creating OSGi services.

Quick Start

scala-osgi is a library built upon Scala's implicits in order to enrich pre-existing OSGi classes. Therefore, instead of picking specific classes to import, it's recommended you import all, in order to bring the implicit conversions into the scope:

import com.kiip.osgi._

After this, you use OSGi classes, like normal, except scala-osgi provides some helpers:

// Initialize OSGi framework.
val framework = Framework.start(Map("settings" -> "value"))

// Get the BundleContext
val context = framework.context

// Install some bundles from a list of jars
val jars = List("file:///foo/bar/baz.jar")

// Start all installed bundles
for (bundle <- context.bundles)

// Track a service
context.trackServices[MyService] {
  case ServiceAdded(service, properties) => println("Service added!")
  case ServiceRemoved(service, properties) => println("Service removed!")
  case ServiceModified(service, properties) => println("Service modified!")

Using scala-osgi in an OSGi Project

scala-osgi is packaged as an OSGi bundle with all the required metadata. Simply install the scala-osgi JAR file into the OSGi application and it will become available to all other bundles.


If you'd like to build scala-osgi from source, check out the git repository and run the following:

sbt compile

You can also sbt package, sbt publish-local, or whatever you'd like, since scala-osgi is an SBT project.


Find a bug? Have a feature request? File an issue or submit a pull request and we'll work with you on merging it in. Don't worry too much about style or doing it "the right way," since we'd rather get more contributions than burdening you with making sure its absolutely perfect.

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