A Rust client library for the Spread toolkit
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A Rust client library for the Spread toolkit.

Spread is a toolkit that provides a high performance messaging service that is resilient to faults across external or internal networks. More info at spread.org.

Project status

This library is a simplified implementation of the Spread client protocol. It supports the six basic calls of the Spread API:

  • connect to a daemon
  • disconnect from a daemon
  • join a group
  • leave a group
  • multicast a message
  • receive a message

No further functionality is currently implemented (e.g. no message types beyond simple reliable multicast, quality of service, connection prioritization, non-null authentication).

Build usage

spread-rs has a single external library dependency upon rust-encoding.

To build:

$ cargo build

To test:

$ cargo test

To generate documentation:

$ cargo doc

API usage

Connect to a Spread daemon running locally on port 4803:

extern crate spread;

use std::io::net::ip::SocketAddr;

let socket_addr =
    from_str::<SocketAddr>("").expect("malformed address");
let client = spread::connect(socket_addr, "test_user", false)
    .ok().expect("failed to create client");

Join a group and multicast a message:

client.multicast(["foo_group"], "hello".as_bytes());

Block on receipt of a message, print the contents, and then leave and disconnect:

let msg = client.receive().ok().expect("receive failed");
println!("sender: {}", msg.sender);
println!("groups: {}", msg.groups);
println!("data: {}", msg.data);