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File Explorer for the Nintendo Switch
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Apollo is a File Explorer Homebrew for the Nintendo Switch. Its goal is to be the most convenient and reliable method to manage console's files.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Screenshots
  3. Planned features
  4. Compiling
  5. Credits


Apollo's current features are:

  • Graphical User Interface: Minimalist design which is based on default hbmenu and official home menu esthetic.
  • Selecting items: A simple but mandatory feature.
  • Copying files and directories: Before doing so, application checks whether user is trying to overwrite currently existing files or directories and then asks about overwriting them.
  • Recursive directory deletion: It allows for complete deletion of directories' content and obviously for file deletion.
  • Renaming files and directories: Speaks for itself.
  • Sorting items: Alphabetically or reversed.


Planned features

Planned features for the very next release:

  • Moving files and directories
  • Showing files and directories' information (size, permissions)
  • Sorting files by size and reversed
  • Remembering cursor's position while browsing between folders
  • Viewing images
  • Viewing text files
  • Extracting .rar and .zip files
  • Creating directories and files


You need to clone Apollo's repo to your computer.

$ git clone

Make sure that you have the newest release of devkitPro and libNX.

Use the pacman package manager to download and install following libraries:

$ pacman -S switch-sdl2 switch-sdl2_ttf switch-sdl2_image switch-sdl2_gfx switch-sdl2_mixer switch-mesa switch-glad switch-glm switch-libdrm_nouveau switch-libwebp switch-libpng switch-freetype switch-bzip2 switch-libjpeg-turbo

Compile the Plutonium.

$ cd Plutonium
$ make

Then copy content of \Plutonium\Output\include directory to the \include folder and the content of \Plutonium\Output\lib to the \Plutonium\lib directory.

Then compile the Apollo.

$ cd ..
$ make



  • devkitPro for providing toolchain.
  • XorTroll for the amazing Plutonium which allowed Apollo to look like this and the Goldleaf which is a mine of knowledge.
  • GilFerraz for his beautiful Miiverse UI concept which inspired me to create sidebar.
  • Lucas Lacerda for his Nintendo Switch UI Concept.
  • jaames for the nx-hbmenu mockup which helped me with the design.
  • Nintendo for security <3.
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