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SwiftRiver is a free and open source software platform that uses algorithms and crowdsourcing to curate and filter realtime data.
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SWIFTRIVER v0.5.5 - Cape Jazz
SwiftRiver is a FOSS platform offering open source intelligence products for monitoring streams of data. Use of the platform varies, for example, one use might be to use one of our apps for determining the accuracy of crowdsourced information related to an event or topic.  This download is not 'SwiftRiver' it contains a PHP core that accesses a number of SwiftRiver APIs.  The combination of some or all of these APIs working together is our platform.

Swift is extremely modular with plug-ins and API services.  Different apps are built on this platform. This download contains our flagship app, called The Sweeper, designed to help users of tools like Ushahidi manage large amounts of realtime information. You can find out more about Swift Web Services at -

	Find us on Github -
	Find us on IRC - irc://

NOTE: Contact jg [at] with additional questions or feedback.


	Apache 1.3 or greater
	PHP 5.3 or higher
	PHP Pear Extensions
	MySQL 4.0 or higher
	Supports IE7+, FireFox, Safari, Chrome
Further details on this release can be found at -[]=swiftriver

	Fixed Installer
	User Roles
	Turbine Plugin Architecture
	Semantic Tagging (Who, What, Where)
	Content Duplication Detection (SiCDS)
	Add Unlimited Number of Feeds 	
	Support for FrontlineSMS
	Add Email
	Auto-refresh (Ajax/jQuery)
	Admin Bar
Further details on this release can be found at -[]=swiftriver


Other applications and products that were built on the SwiftRiver platform.

* coming soon	


Documentation -[]=swiftriver
Installation -


Staff Developers

	Jon Gosier (Director of Product, SwiftRiver)
	Matthew Griffiths (Director of Platform, SwiftRiver) 


	Nishith Rastogi 
	Mang-Git Ng 
	Josh Bronson 
	Ivan Kavuma 
	Andrew Turner
	Chris Blow
	Kaushal Jhalla
	Ed Bice
	Patrick Meier
	Erik Hersman
	David Kobia 
	Moses Mugisha
	Victor Miclovich 
	Wolfgang Werner 
	M. Edward Borasky 
	Maarten J. van der Veen
	Ahmed Maawy

Contributing Organizations

	Appfrica Labs
	Geo Commons

2010-10-02	SwiftMeme
2010-10-01	IMAP, Frontline:SMS
2010-09-17	Added Web Services
2010-08-30	Beta, Sweeper App
2010-08-14	User Roles
2010-05-31	Writable Cache
2010-05-28	Installer, .htaccess
2010-05-22	Redesigned default theme, logo
2010-05-20	Adding Parsers, New Theme Engine, Ajax refresh 
2010-05-10	Complete Rebuild, Migration to Kohana 3.x.x
2010-04-30	Merge New Core, New Installer
2010-04-03	Theming Admin, Auto Logo Styles
2010-03-26	Rumba v0.0.9 Released
2010-03-22	Changes to Reporting Panel in Admin
2010-03-21	Tag Sorting, Tag Pages
2010-03-19	Added Support
2010-03-19	Voting Fixes
2010-03-18	Auto Verify when posting to self, Service API
2010-03-17	Post to Self
2010-03-15	Admin Panel Styling, Default Veracity Slider Value Changed to '0 - 100'
2010-03-14	Design, CSS and UI
2010-03-11	Debug Installer, README, Added Rumba Theme, Sweeper Panel Icons
2010-03-10	User Roles & Tagging, UI fixes
2010-03-01	Announced Release Schedule
2010-02-28	Fixed Installer and .htaccess file
2010-02-26	Veracity Slider and Analytics
2010-02-25	Fixes to Scoring Algorithm
2010-02-24	Implemented Rating Algorithm
2010-02-22	Sweeper Login, Ajax Tagging, Dupe Suppression, Routing Problems, Change to .sql
2010-02-18	Ajax Tagging
2010-02-16	Veracity (Tagging and Weighting)
2010-02-14	Sql update
2010-02-12	Implemented Tagging
2010-02-11	Update
2010-02-10	Early Build
2010-01-27	Initial Push, README

0.0.0	Rumba
0.1.0	Apala
0.2.0	Batuque
0.3.0	Benga 		(unreleased)
0.4.0	Bikutsi		(unreleased)
0.5.0	Cape Jazz	(Beta)
0.6.0	Chimurenga
0.7.0	Fuji
0.8.0	Harare
0.9.0	Jit
1.0.0	Jùjú		
1.1.0	Kizomba
1.2.0	Kuduro
1.3.0	Kwaito
1.4.0	Kwela
1.5.0	Makossa
1.6.0	Malouf
1.7.0	Maloya
1.8.0	Marrabenta
1.9.0	Museve
2.0.0	Mbalax
2.1.0	Mbaqanga
2.2.0	Mbube
2.3.0	Morna
2.4.0	Palm
2.5.0	Raï
2.6.0	Sakara
2.7.0	Sega
3.8.0	Soukous
3.9.0	Taarab	
4.0.0	Zouk

* = current release
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