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  • Support for compact layout
  • Optimize output file by removing unused/gabbage resources
  • Add copy page bitmap to clipboard
  • Add screencapture and color picker
  • Implement quick canvas resizing using corner resizer
  • Add support for line-height in font property
  • Fix dialog API and script editor
  • Automatically show "Launch script editor" for special plain text properties
  • Enhance connector invalidation code to improve keyboard moving performance
  • Add support for built-in private collection embedded inside stencil collection
  • Fix problem when pasting shapes are out of the current view-port
  • Change default page size for new page as best-fit
  • Fix broken bitmap and svg image embedded in private shape collection
  • Add support for shadow color in stencil generated from stencil builder
  • Fix shape preparing bug that make background bitmap generation failed.
  • Normalize calculated values from group sizing policy to int to avoid blurry edges
  • Enhance snapping performance and support snapping when moving multiple shapes
  • Allow range-selection from canvas scrollpane, clear selection when clicking outside canvas.
  • Support horizontal/vertical only moving using ctrl key
  • Fix #297 - handling for command line argument
  • Fix dialog sizing and style that cause long dialogs
  • Showing actual file path or the installed collection in its about dialog
  • Fix duplication of system collection loading
  • Showing edge border in collection pane to indicate user-installed collections
  • Fix handling of file argumennt whens starting Pencil in developer mode
  • Fix crash caused by unzip2 and easy-zip2
  • Use Electron 6.0.1 (Node 12, Chrome 76)
  • Fix character encoding in PDF export
  • Fix #227 Printing more than once Hangs on "Exporting" screen
  • Improving property editor side pane
  • Fix Page detail menu and dialog: move "Properties" to the end, automatically focus and select title input.
  • Add "Insert Screenshot..." menu action for canvas, replacing the startup screen button.
  • Implement native MAC capture service
  • Add option to insert screenshot as n-patch image
  • Cleanup parsererror message in output PDF/print
  • Add support for copy selection to clipboard as bitmap when holding "shift" key.
  • Initial impl for checking missing resources
  • Fix file missing bug in stencil builder
  • Fix wrong file filter when corespodent collection is not installed
  • Fix large image captured in HiDPI screen
  • Update "Edit Image..." into using external editor
  • Stop using local version of Material Design Icons which may cause problem in some Linux systems with chinese locale
  • Fix losing of n-patch bitmap image after reloading, add offscreen validation support for n-patch behavior
  • Add clickable prototype HTML export template
  • Add multi repo view for stencil repo browser
  • Add deploy tool for stencil builder
  • Add page property to allow copying of background page links
  • Add export scale and clickable PDF export
  • Fix child pages ordering not saved
  • Fix performance problem caused by timer leaking in color selector
  • Add support for document color palette in color pickers