DBTransfer - versatile database transfer tool
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DBTransfer - versatile and fast database transfer tool

What is DBTransfer?

DBTransfer is a multi-platform java tool, that aims to replicate one database (JDBC or MS Access) to another (JDBC), using an one to one conversion.

What can I do with DBTransfer?

  • Copy data from one database type to another type. Example: you can migrate your MSSQL to PostgreSQL, without losing the structure, including not only the original schema, the constraints, and of course, the data it self, which is converted to respective data-type.
  • Copy one database schema to another.
  • Move data from one database to another.
  • Compare two databases.

Downloading and running DBTransfer

For now you, to run DBTransfer, you need to check out the project, and compile it, using:

  • mvn package

This will create a ./target/dbtransfer-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

After this, you have to run the tool, using:

  • java -jar dbtransfer-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar dbtransfer.properties

You have to create a properties file, like the ones in the examples.

What needs to be done.. right away!

Improve the output, and enable Maven on the project. Feel free to help out!


This project had the invaluable help of a tool, DBVisualizer, which help us test everything and connect to any database. DBVisualizer uses JDBC, the same framework as DBTransfer, so it provides a nice way to validate database metadata and testing database connections to use in the properties file.

Our friends at DBVisualizer were very kind to provide to all the contributers, a valid DBVisualzer Pro license. Thank you for your support!

DBVisualizer - http://www.dbvis.com