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@dmi3yy dmi3yy released this May 26, 2019 · 6 commits to 1.4.x since this release

EVO 1.4.9 includes various fixes and improvements for stability and backward compatibility.

Evolution 1.4 LTS version:

  • support bugfix, compatible with 2.x branch, stability until 02.02.2020
  • support for critical security issues until 12.02.2021

Fixes and Updates in 1.4.9:

- [I] Add support WebP for phpthumb (Ser1ous)
- [I] New event OnLogEvent (Ser1ous)
- [F] set auto_template_logic -> sibling by default (Dmi3yy)
- [U] Update mutate_web_user.dynamic.php (bossloper)
- [U] Update mutate_user.dynamic.php (bossloper)
- [F] display thislogin date for users / managers (bossloper)
- [F] (security): update htaccess (Dmi3yy)
- [F] #1058 Warning in Admin Backend(Dmi3yy)
- [F] fix modx.js (Serg)
- [F] Undefined index enable_filter (Kamil)
- [U] #1054 Update (Dreamer0x01)
- [F] fix missing quality setting for png files (Pathologic)
- [F] #1026 Manager Manager tabs and maps (Dreamer0x01)
- [F] Manager Manager fix google and yandex map (dzhuryn)
- [F] (dbapi) unpacking the host string in a circle (AgelxNash)
- [F] #976 fix wrong language codes (Pathologic)
- [F] (core) fix undefined variable (Serg)

WebP for phpthumb:

- 1. install rosell-dk/webp-convert from composer 
- 2. use not cacheble with param &webp=1
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