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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Nov 5, 2019 · 26 commits to 2.0.x since this release

Evolution CMS 2.0 is fully compatible with earlier versions

To understand what is Evolution CMS 2.0 and how to work with Evolution 2.0, I recommend reading the content from the links below:

Important change:

In the runSnippet method, 2 parameters were added to cache snippet results

string runSnippet (string $ snippetName [, array $ params, int $ cacheTime, string $ cacheKey]);

Actual for use in BLADE templates. Since by default all snippets are not cached and there are no [[]] and [!!] snippet execution options, this also makes it possible to cache snippets not forever before resetting the cache as it was before, but for some certain period of time + cacheKey which makes it possible to cache the same snippet for many pages at once.

To upgrade from 1.4.9 and below:

  1. Update to the latest version 1.4 (1.4.10) If there are problems with the display of icons: (Delete /manager/media/style/default/css/styles.min.css)
  2. Check that php version 7.2+
  3. Create a file core / config / database / connections / default.php with the contents:
    in which placeholders are replaced by their data.
  4. Delete the manager folder
  5. Pour over all the files from the archive 2.0
  6. create an empty '.install' file in the core folder

For upgrades from 2.0.0-alpha and 2.0.0-RC

  1. Delete /manager/media/style/default/css/styles.min.css
  2. remove from /core/custom/composer.json: "vlucas / phpdotenv": "~ 2.2"
  3. upload all files on top
  4. run composer upd from the core folder (if you used new features using composer)
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