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`tsc` with `--suppress` flag
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The purpose of the wrapper is to execute TypeScript compiler but suppress some error messages coming from certain files/folders. For example, this can be used to enable noImplicitAny in some parts of the project while keeping it disabled in others.


npm install -g tsc-silent


tsc-silent --project <path> [--suppress config | --suppressConfig path] [--compiler path] [--watch]


--project, -p    Path to tsconfig.json

--compiler       Path to typescript.js.
                 By default, uses `./node_modules/typescript/lib/typescript.js`.

--suppress       Suppressed erros.
                 E.g. `--suppress 7017@src/js/ 2322,2339,2344@/src/legacy/`.

--suppressConfig Path to supressed errors config.
                 See documentation for examples.

--watch, -w      Run in watch mode.

--stats          Print number of suppressed errors per path and error code.

Suppress config

You have to pass either --suppress or --suppressConfig.


Let's ignore error 7017 in src/js/ directory and errors 2322, 2339, 2344 in /src/legacy/:

tsc-silent -p tsconfig.json --suppress 7017@/src/js/ 2322,2339,2344@/src/legacy/

or, ignore all errors in /src/legacy/ folder

tsc-silent -p tsconfig.json --suppress @/src/legacy/

or, completely ignore all errors

tsc-silent -p tsconfig.json --suppress @


tsc-silent -p tsconfig.json --suppressConfig tsc-silent.config.js

See example.config.js.

Intended/typical use

Check out the article to see the intended use.

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