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Modern, pragmatic user interface component library for iOS.
Objective-C CSS
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Improved Makefile, and example app

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IQWidgets for iOS

Reuseable GUI component library for devices running iOS.


Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0

New version in progress

The original version of IQWidgets, while being a collection of useful widgets, lacked some API consistency and had some iOS7 issues. In addition, newer iOS APIs reduced the need for some features and made it possible to implement other features more efficiently. As a result, IQWidgets is currently undergoing some refactoring work.

The master branch is currently considered unstable and may introduce breaking API changes. The legacy version is kept and maintained in the legacy branch. Bugfixes are still accepted on the legacy version, but no new features will be introduced.

How to build

To use IQWidgets in your project, just add the .xcodeproj file to your existing project as a dependency. Edit the

IQWidgets was created for XCode 4. It has not been tested with earlier versions of XCode. If your project uses XCode 3, there may be some migration work for the project file itself.

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