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A print-and-play card game we created over a weekend at Australian #Govhack2015
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Ecovalia - The National Parks Card Game

Ecovalia is a print-and-play card game first conceived at GovHack Unleashed 2015 by a team of students at @TorrensUni going by the name Torrange Juice.


You are a Park, in fact a few parks. Your goal is to grow your parks and maintain their health. Along the way you will learn of a number of plants and animals.

Games usually take 30-40 minutes to play.

Check out for more details on the game and how it is played.

Find us online

You can watch our GovHack submission video explaining the concept here:

Developer Notes

These instructions are for if you want to enhance the game and need to regenerate a deck.

Please note Park boards were created outside of this code base.

  1. Install required fonts

Ecovalia uses the free open source "Fira Sans" font created by Mozilla.

You will need to install the font into your system for it to run. Fira Sans is identifiable by it's unique 'K' which looks like a arrow leaning against an 'l'.

For ease, we've copied the necessary fonts into /assets/fonts.

On most operating systems it works to, open /assets/fonts, and click on each font to open a window asking you to save it into your system fonts.

  1. Generating the Deck from the code

  1. Ensure ruby is installed (open a github issue if you have problems)

  2. Install ruby gems

    $ bundle install # install the required gem packages

    You may also need to do some brewing and the do the bundle install again.

    $ brew install (whatever brew plugin is missing)

  3. Regenerate the deck

    $ ruby deck.rb # generates new cards into '_OUTPUT' folder

Modifying the Deck

  1. Currently we develop the cards in a Google Spreadsheet
  2. Export the spreadsheet to .xlsx format
  3. Overwrite/update spreadsheets in '/data' folder.
  4. Regenerate the deck eg. $ ruby deck.rb

Credit to

The whole of the Ecovalia Team for their great efforts on this game.

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