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require 'rubygems'
require 'bundler'
Bundler.setup(:default, :development)
rescue Bundler::BundlerError => e
$stderr.puts e.message
$stderr.puts "Run `bundle install` to install missing gems"
exit e.status_code
require 'rake'
require 'rspec/core/rake_task'
require 'cucumber/rake/task'
require 'jeweler' do |gem|
# gem is a Gem::Specification... see for more options = "frogger"
gem.homepage = ""
gem.license = "MIT"
gem.summary = "Frogger makes logs easier to navigate."
gem.description = "Navigating noise in your log files can be like trying to cross a busy road and avoid the cars. Frogger makes your log files more fun by adding some good ol' 8 bit color and a bit of formatting." = ""
gem.authors = ["Richie Khoo"]
# Include your dependencies below. Runtime dependencies are required when using your gem,
# and development dependencies are only needed for development (ie running rake tasks, tests, etc)
task :default => [:spec, :cucumber]