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Android Humhub

A big thank you to the community humhub

Set you app for your hum hub application

Name of application is define in string.xml | res/values/string
Change you primary url in: res/values/string (EN - AR - DE - ES - FR) or add new string for you language
Chane name of link is label of item
Automatically change the title in top main bar if set: setTitle(getString(R.string.name_label)); in your new menu item

Icon app

Change png file located in mipmap/ic_laucher

Push notification Google FCM

Change GMC json file with your configuration in Google Firebase project


Color of application is located in res/values/colors.xml

Set splash screen

Create new graphic with pshotoshp, modify res/mipmap/your_logo.png

Create new intem on left menù

  • Add new string on res/values/string
  • Add item on menu/activity_main_drawer.xml and call the string for label, type and url
  • Create new function on MainActivity (java/com.becode.humhub/ Row line 397 to 444 call new string for set type and url
  • Remember set correctly item_position for view correctly selected item on app

Bottom bar

This function is similar to left bar
to change item change string and xml/bottombar_tabs.xml
if you add new item add function on MainActivity row 150 to 229 you see two type of function you set reselect function.
For more function on this featured see

ADS Google

Uncommet row 263 to 298 in MainActivity and uncomment in res/layout/content_main.xml
Set you Google ADS code to connect your Google ADwords in AndroidMAnifest set Api Key

Additional function

menù left right

you set if the burger menu show top left or top right got to: res/values/string.xml and chenge value rtl_version to true

floating button

Enable floating button uncomment row 136 to 148 in ManActivity and uncomment res/app_bar_main.xml row 47 to 57 to enable view


Badge notification tab get value by webview Real time notification