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We recently participated at the Microsoft HoloHack-NYC and developed a Hololens application ("Screaming Fire") which we are open sourcing to the community. We feel this may inspire other developers to fork and extend this application.

We are also in the process of placing this application onto the Microsoft Store - so you soon will be able to download it.

Screaming "Fire!"

Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter and at the same time release your repressed urge to be an arsonist? Well here's your chance to mash up these two desires and save the day.

In this game, as you inspect your room or space your Hololens creates a spatial map. Once the spatial map is complete, your room is set ablaze with roaring fires shooting out from all flat surfaces. Your job is to put out each flame by staring at it and yelling "Fire!". If you are too timid to yell, you can air tap the flame out of existence. As each flame is extinguished your flame counter decrements. When there are no flames remaining you win!

Important hint... The last few flames may be out of sight. You may have to spot them hearing the sparkles and crackles of the flames!

Release Notes:

In this initial release you have three voice commands:

Fire - to put out the flame your cursor is hovering over
Reset - restarts the experience
Quit Application - Quits the application


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