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SiteDiff Changelog

0.0.2 (May 5, 2015)


  • SiteDiff now supports 'single-site mode', where it compares a site against an older version of itself.
  • New command sitediff init, to automatically create a configuration.
    • Sites are crawled to discover useful paths.
    • Rules are automatically generated for Drupal sites.
  • Command-line interface changes.
    • It's no longer necessary to specify config files, SiteDiff will attempt to find them automatically.
    • SiteDiff now uses proper exit codes.
    • You can disable display of large diffs with the --quiet option.
  • sitediff serve
    • Cached versions of pages can be served.
    • A visual side-by-side is available.
    • sitediff serve will automatically open the report in a browser.
  • Sanitization rules can now apply to only certain paths, if desired.
  • Code and documentation has been cleaned up.


  • 74ce221 Detailed installation instructions
  • 127c776 Make sitediff init more robust
  • 9abcfc3 show absolute paths to the user everywhere
  • 3ae25ab Update README; remember config file is now sitediff.yaml
  • 7d4cf75 Print full path for config missing exception
  • 40dd18a Print full path for init
  • f819cd2 sitediff diff: report absolute path of failures file
  • 87dd419 fix broken link
  • 1a51998 Start on ToC
  • e798cf1 Write a user guide
  • 9218863 Don't close non-existent DBM
  • f00105d Rewrite intro to sitediff
  • 5bb8b4b Show URL even if cached
  • 34eb97b For side-by-side, use the cached version(s) if appropriate
  • d16af93 Don't let someone try single-site unless they have the right caches
  • 8be342e Make report say whether things are cached
  • 1f91792 Rearrange columns
  • b712ac3 Make the root path useful
  • dd07d4b Side-by-side view
  • ee2ef7a Minor reporting cleanup
  • ba80234 No more spurious cache files
  • ef80a6b Split out ResultServer
  • 7868bcd Pass config to server
  • 19d98e9 Replace URI with Addressable::URI
  • 18c7717 Rationalize includes
  • fa12bf1 Serve cached files
  • 6092631 Better encoding fix
  • cfc0905 Allow selecting whether to open in browser
  • 577cf6b Fix string case
  • aac3c42 Support multiple rules, only one can match
  • 5f3e5ad Print results in order
  • b81a94a Fix multi-selector behaviour
  • b19648c Typo fix
  • 7228a63 Put back validate, I removed it accidentally
  • f9c0d02 Path-specific rules!
  • f9f0164 Remove last vestiges of old sanitize
  • 88abcdf Refactor regexps
  • e2035bc Tighten up comments
  • 34e165b Factor out dom transforms
  • 1e2b1bb Start refactoring sanitizations
  • 578789f Refactor webserver; open in browser
  • 21f9724 Don't spuriously open a cache
  • 6186f17 No more utils
  • 94091e5 Fix cache key issue
  • 62b038d Abstract out complex parts of link handling
  • ddbac22 Fix Drupal.settings rule to work in both cases
  • 1863f5f Close cache when done
  • 9efb47d update spec with new exit codes: only fail test if exit code != 2
  • 0574967 fix sanitization rule for Drupal.settings
  • 7577298 strip view DOM ids
  • d2e2185 exit with non-zero code if diffs are nonzero
  • 5e646d1 introduce "diff --quiet": don't log actual diffs
  • 9c0445f add more logging modes, make usage consistent
  • 4ac4336 Lower indent, we have tons of classes here
  • fad3e75 use SiteDiff.log for showing crawl errors
  • f3a091f Make output similar
  • 6775df6 Better output; more robust init
  • 5eb8b2a escape crawled URLs
  • 269b2ef Yield a failure on cache miss, instead of dying
  • 58b51fe Remove extra require
  • 2cd906a Prettify as part of perform_regexps; fixes #10999
  • 9c8eb94 add domain sanitization to drupal.yaml
  • 4f945fb skip invalid URLs while crawling + log to user while fetching
  • 8fde3cd In single-site mode, apply rules globally
  • f288624 Don't apply disabled rules
  • 7fc2684 Allow disabling rules
  • 319b701 Put things in cache the same way we get them
  • 4cd6cda Only parse once
  • 8ed7f7e Better path canonicalization
  • d92d02f Integrate with async rules
  • d785411 sitediff init: match candidate rules to before and after separately
  • 9beff00 Make init more async; add caching
  • a73a8e6 Pre-check if we have all the cached items we need
  • f97cab9 Make all our exceptions come from SiteDiffException
  • 025c8ea Allow specifying a list of paths at the command-line
  • dd0cff8 don't search if dir given
  • 14988f2 Create a gitignore in init
  • 9313220 remove stale lib/rules/drupal.rb, clean up rules.rb
  • d8e7469 Auto-search for config files
  • 3153f06 pull out sanitization rulesets into LIB/files/rules/X.yaml
  • 6d813fb Add -C option
  • 059af0c Allow --cached option, default to :before
  • 39a1dc0 don't use before_url and after_url in init generated config
  • 765ae54 Split out IE non-selector stripping
  • 75d088c Add a new Drupal rule
  • 974bc13 Provide access to root urls when finding sanitization rules
  • 68c1d68 Use a default config name, sitediff.yaml
  • 740d816 Single site mode works!
  • c8d7e05 Add store subcommand
  • eeaeafb Refactor out fetching from reporting
  • 5ac555e Simpler caching
  • 3480cfd Add more flexible cache
  • 2f3e9dd Remove Typhoeus cache
  • 1dc7f2e remove stale scripts/
  • d9c4abe remove stale Rakefile,
  • 9a2f4c5 Fix test failure
  • cca22f6 Just strip Drupal.settings
  • a267aa0 Rule auto-generation
  • 3e0d25b Return HTML, as well as paths
  • 7bde6c7 Working sitediff init; refs #10732
  • 6cad303 Pull out crawler; refs #10732
  • 726e0e4 Start on init command; crawl site; refs #10732




0.0.1 (April 30, 2015)

Initial Release

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