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# A list of paths in the site which are to be compared.
# This is usually populated automatically by running 'sitediff init'
- /
- /user
- /blog?foo=bar
# The root element to compare.
# Usually, sitediff compares the HTML of the entire page. If you'd rather
# check just a subset of the page, specify a selector here. For example, the
# line below causes only the body to be compared, ignoring the HTML head.
selector: 'body'
# General regular expression rules, applied to both versions of the site.
# Normalize input tags containg random tokens.
- title: Remove form-build-id
pattern: '<input type="hidden" name="form_build_id" value="form-[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+" *\/?>'
substitute: '<input type="hidden" name="form_build_id" value="__form_build_id__">'
# Replace meta property="twitter:*" with meta name="twitter:*".
- title: Meta 'property' changed to 'name'
pattern: 'property="twitter:'
substitute: 'name="twitter:'
# 'selector' limits this rule to only within the selected elements.
selector: meta
# 'path' limits this rule to only certain pages.
path: /user
# General DOM transforms, applied to both versions of the site.
# Remove article elements, replacing them with their content
- title: Unwrap article elements
type: unwrap
selector: article
# Remove classes from divs
- title: Remove classes bar and baz from divs
type: remove_class
selector: div
- class-bar
- class-baz
# Remove a div ID.
- title: Remove block containing current time.
type: remove
selector: div#block-time
# Rules under this element apply only to the 'before' site.
# URL of the 'before' version of the site.
url: http://localhost/old
# Sanitizations and DOM transformations, just like the general ones
# demonstrated above, but applied only to the 'before' site.
- title: Example
type: remove
selector: div.updates-required
# Rules under this element apply only to the 'after' site.
# URL of the 'after' version of the site.
url: http://localhost/new
# Include other configuration files, merging them with this file.
- extra-rules.yaml
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