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PyMOL Packaging Guide
PyMOL environment variables
PyMOL is designed to run under two types of environments. They are:
(1) Single-directory self-contained install. (Windows, Mac, Unix Standalone)
(2) Package-managed with files spread all over the OS. (RedHat, Debian)
Environment (1)
Environment variable PYMOL_PATH serves as the root directory
and tells PyMOL where to find everything, including its code.
Required: PYMOL_PATH
Environment (2)
PyMOL code is installed in the system Python namespace, so no explicit
environment variable is required to access it. The root python
modules defined in site-packages are "pymol", "pmg_tk", and "chempy".
PYMOL_DATA is usually /usr/share/pymol/data
PYMOL_SCRIPTS is usually /usr/share/pymol/scripts
PYMOL_DATA and PYMOL_SCRIPTS dominate if provided. Otherwise, if
PYMOL_PATH is defined, PYMOL_DATA becomes $PYMOL_PATH/data, and
PYMOL_SCRIPTS becomes $PYMOL_PATH/scripts.
if $PYMOL_PATH is defined and $PYMOL_PATH/modules exists, then
$PYMOL_PATH/modules is added to the Python module search path.
Under MacOS X, PYMOL_PATH is self-defining. Under Windows, this
environment variable is stored in the registry during installation.
Under Unix, PYMOL_PATH needs to be defined prior to startup, usually
by "".
Suggested File Locations (for package managed installs)
== pymol package ==
modules/pymol -> /usr/lib/pythonX.X/site-packages/pymol
modules/chempy -> /usr/lib/pythonX.X/site-packages/chempy
modules/pmg_tk -> /usr/lib/pythonX.X/site-packages/pmg_tk
scripts -> /usr/share/pymol/scripts (RUNTIME REQUIREMENT)
data -> /usr/share/pymol/data (RUNTIME REQUIREMENT)
examples -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/examples
doc -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/doc
LICENSE -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/LICENSE
CHANGES -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/CHANGES
README -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/README
== pymol-devel package ==
test -> /usr/share/pymol/test (TESTING RUNTIME REQUIREMENT)
DEVELOPERS -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/DEVELOPERS
PACKAGING -> /usr/share/doc/pymol/PACKAGING